The story, set in 1625, begins with d' Artagnan who sets off for Paris in search of adventure...along with Sabine, his sister, the quintessential tomboy.

Sent with d' Artagnan to attend a convent school in Paris, she poses as a young man – d' Artagnan's servant – and quickly becomes entangled in her brother's adventures.

She reluctantly accepts the fact that "Bud the Stud" is, in fact, good for business.

Her other neighbor and would-be suitor Henry Mitchell is a retired chemist who has developed a blue pill called "Venusia," after Venus the goddess of love, to increase the libido of menopausal women. Add to the guest list three older women: Victoria Ambrose, a romance novelist whose personal life seems to be lacking in romance; Hillary Hudson a friend of Henry's who has agreed to test the Venusia: and Charmaine Beauregard, a "Southern Belle" whose libido does not need to be increased!

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This exciting, new musical version of Charlotte's Web brings a new dimension to E. This joyous musical offers your audiences a very special experience.

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Stancliffe's "Gentleman Caller;" a mild mannered man who has proposed to Mrs.

Stancliffe every afternoon for twenty years; has developed Venusia; eventually comes out of his shell VICTORIA AMBROSE - A renowned author who writes steamy romantic novels; pines for romance in her personal life, but finds none; readily joins the plot to turn "Bud the Stud" into "Bud the Dud;" pretty, serious, intelligent, menopausal HILLARY HUDSON - Beautiful, well educated, articulate, and sophisticated in both manner and dress; old friend and co-worker of Henry's, who agrees to test the Venusia pills; elegant, charming, and menopausal CHARMAINE BEAUREGARD - The quintessential southern belle; definitely here at Rose Cottage for Bud and becomes the leading light in the plot to tame him; voluptuous, out-going, gushing, demonstrative, menopausal (Musical) When the draft selects rock star Conrad Birdie, his fans are devastated, but none more than struggling songwriter Albert Peterson, whose song Birdie was just about to record.

Bud gets his hands on some of the Venusia pills and the fun begins, as he attempts to entertain all three women!

The women mix up Bud's Viagra pills with the Venusia, and we soon discover that it has a strange effect on men: it gives them all the symptoms of menopausal women, complete with hot flashes, mood swings, weeping and irritability!

When the mayhem settles down, all the women find their lives moving in new and surprising directions. Stancliffes' Rose Cottage Bed & Breakfast; weak, frail looking (the frailer the better), however, over the years, he has become renowned among the female guests as "Bud the Stud;" very elderly, somewhat infirm, chauvinistic, brazen, but likeable MRS.