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So, if you post with information to be added to the changelog, please specify as many details you feel are relevant, including if you are fully stock or running a rooted device, along with the country you are from and SKU.

The FOTA (firmware over the air) updates will be 'pushed' (sent) to your device when a new version is made available by Asus, as long as your wifi is on at the time.

The new version of arm9loaderhax (sometimes referred to as "v2" because it is installed using Safe A9LHInstaller v2 or FIRM81 because of its use of 8.1's firmware files to make room for larger payloads) is the latest version of Aurora Wright's Fork of Delebile's initial implementation.

These steps will also update your various payloads and the AES key database.

hddrootfs.buffalo.updated is a normal gzipped tar archive.

During the Firmware Update this file is copied to the boot partition and then extracted from there to the root file system.

Headings are now colour coded for your pleasure, to make it more clearly marked. This list is primarily based on the Wifi only models.

For users who have rooted and have CWMRecovery, these firmware updates will FAIL when you try to install. Your tablet/dock may come with an outdated/updated version of the firmware.

Useful to help someone with another device or to see the initial setup of a device.