These facilities may only be required by certain users.

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We can do this by looking first at the basics of a Contact Management system, which still today is the core of any CRM system.

go to top of page By installing an application like MX-Sync ( that synchronizes Outlook data between Exchange Server Private/Mailbox folders and a back-end SQL database, the above-mentioned limitations can be overcome. Extending Outlook into a full CRM System Once your users have become familiar with all the Contact Management aspects of Outlook and used these to create a ‘clean’, shared, corporate database, they are ready to extend the functionality of Outlook to incorporate more advanced CRM facilities such as Opportunity Management or Campaign Management.

And invariably if the user does not see sufficient benefit in the system soon enough (i.e.

before these new habits are fully developed), then they continue to do what they were doing before the new system was introduced and as such the new system falls into disuse.

A Gartner study found that approximately 55 percent of all CRM projects failed to meet software customers' expectations.

In a Bain & Company survey of 451 senior executives, CRM ranked in the bottom three categories among 25 popular tools evaluated for customer satisfaction.MX-Contact has 6 different versions available catering for a single user through to an enterprise with thousands of users. The system is designed so that it will be easy to learn for someone who is familiar with Outlook Web Access.MX-Contact comprises a Base System, which offers Contact Management functionality, with optional Sales, Marketing and Support Modules that can be added at any time, that extend MX-Contact into a fully comprehensive CRM system that can be utilised across all departments of the company. However it is also designed to achieve tight integration with the Microsoft Outlook desktop client, in particular Contacts, E-Mail, Journals, Tasks and Appointments. NET is essentially 2 products in one, namely: MX-Contact.So why reinvent the wheel when the users already know (and usually love) this interface.The “WIIFM” (What's In It For Me) Concept: Here Outlook definitely comes to the rescue.NET, a web-based CRM system that can naturally be used anywhere where an internet connection is available.