I am thankful that my first experience, as far as the actual filming, the selection of partner, etc., was to my advantage and was just something I did each and every day; sometimes 3 or 4 times a day(#Real Talk) but this time?

blackmen dating white women-86

Multi ethnic men, being freaky, being animalistic…having and indulging in the all the various acts and nuances we call sex.

Not an all white cast nor an all Latino cast; nor an all African American cast…u get me? I’d like to see our so-called ethnic companies paying models what their worth and loosing the excuses of “we don’t have as much money as the white companies” or “we’re just starting out” or any of the other b.s. I could go on and on about this question, but I think just making a few minute changes, things maybe that don’t seem important, would end up making such a huge difference in the finished product.

I am “atypical” and very proud of that; I am not “gay”, “homosexual”, “bisexual” or an variation thereof; I am simply me and therefore I am “complicated/controversial” sexually and otherwise.

I could go on and on but further “knowing” of me comes with conversation, interaction and exchange.

) working for Forbidden Funk which led to working with Chi Chi Larue and Channel 1 Releasing that same year; i.e. As well my first effort and these two (2) porn blockbusters garnered me Blatino Oasis Award for America’s Top Top 2009 and a GRABBY nomination(ONLY man of color) for “Hottest Cock”.

When approaching a project, I don’t look at the “size” or the notoriety, I look at the project itself; what’s new, what’s different; is there a chance to really make an impact; a chance to not be “just another skin flick”.

I am Chicago, “Chitown” born; raised in a variety of locales(as my father was a Mechanical Draftsman); I am an avid fitness buff, personal trainer, masseur and pseudo businessman.

I enjoy other than fitness, reading(both fiction and non fiction); movies; documentaries and warm, hot weather and locations.

As you know, I am launching my own production company, MEN Entertainment, which will put a positive, mature and fresh face of Men of Color in porn! I am anxious to help you in anyway I can to overcome many of the stereotypes perpetuated by other companies and by those “not of color” who “think” they know what men of color can bring.

Today, much of the porn featuring black and latino models are mainly based on negative stereotypes perpetuated by both whites and black/latinos. There is nothing wrong with “thug”; again, Chitown here so I know real “thug” when I see it; but it seems that the porn industry has embraced that as the only way of showing men of color in a masculine way.

I’ve noticed the “hate” always comes from those who should only “star” in front of their mirrors! Listen, people will always have and are entitled to their opinion. Now, when someone is out and out lying or speaking of me in terms of which they have no right? As I’ve mentioned in my blog and I’ve mentioned several times to several people in several instances: Man first, everything else second; I can and will show u better than I can tell you…nuff said. I don’t really consider certain studios/production companies “boutique” but I get the gist of your question.