Knowing this just made things more emotionally difficult, and I needed to find ways to do my part.I purchased a rolling doctor’s stool to give my leg a rest at work. I have cooked turkey to feed 24 people, made latkes, Christmas cookies, baked and decorated cakes, and completed countless other projects using this stool.If you have any ideas or questions, please post them in the forum.

Finding a parking spot at the office lot takes longer than usual and by the time you get to work you are a half hour late, agitated, and on edge .

Your coworkers are pestering you with additional responsibilities and the phone rings off the hook with others in need of your services and/or shit hitting the fan that you have to clean up.

Then the building where you are getting your trim goes on fire thus you are evacuated and made to wait in the cold while five fire trucks pull up to save the day.

However, you manage to make it home in one piece—stunned and irritated, but alive—and you pass out in your bed due to exhaustion from the day as well as fear that if you stay awake more misery will come your way.

At this point, you are probably in a fiberglass cast and off pain medication. Believe me, I know how difficult doing even simple things will be. Over the years, the number one complaint I have heard from people in person or online was, “I broke my ankle once. I was couched for six week and couldn’t do a thing.

My family got so sick of waiting on me hand and foot”.You get held up at work past 5 o’clock and hit brutal traffic which results in you being late for your hair appointment.You try to think positively and be relieved that work is over only to find out that your friend got in a car accident and totaled her vehicle.You snooze your alarm too many times or sleep through it all together which leads you to hop in the shower 20 minutes late.Your boss calls with an excessive amount of work before you even leave for the office and on the drive in you get stuck behind a car going 10 miles per hour for the full duration of your trip.It my little safe corner of the world where I have solitude, can be alone with my pain, and have the things I am working on easily accessible.