Youngest Media was previously commissioned by British network Channel 4, which aired the first series of Game of Clones on its channel E4 in 2017.“We’re very excited to be partnering with 3C Media and making this our first co-production in China,” said Lucas Church, co-founder of Youngest Media.The dating shows that are featured on this list include only the most embarrassing and degrading ones.

A Beijing-based production company will create a Chinese version of British dating show Game of Clones, where a single person is matched with eight nearly identical dates who all enter a house rigged with cameras for a week.

In Game of Clones, which aired last year on British channel E4, a single man or woman creates a virtual representation of their dream date using avatar-building computer technology.

It's currently showing its second season, which was likely what Teigen stumbled across when channel surfing in her hotel room.

Her reaction was pretty much everyone's reaction on a first viewing: Basically the show involves a person being presented with other naked people, then eliminating them one by one.

"She spends the rest of the episode debating girth vs.

length, her preferred amount of pubic hair, and male circumcision. Which are the absolute worst dating shows that have ever aired on television?While most shows about finding love have a few terrible elements, the horrible dating shows on this list are the all around worst.Spoiler: She picks a dude who has elephant ears tattooed on either side of his penis. (Think about it.)The two end up hitting it up off, so who knows? Note: Browsers with 1024*768 or higher resolution are suggested for this site.