To help you achieve first date fulfillment, we asked 1,000 Americans about the traits and behaviors they appreciated that led them to getting it on during date one or to a potential date two.If you're hoping to take the express lane to physical intimacy, the opinions of this crowd will show you what it takes to get there.Just as our respondents favored certain behaviors when deciding to get frisky after a first date, they also identified some total turn-offs.

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Playing "footsie" got much lower reviews among women than with men, so play it safe and keep those clodhoppers to yourself, guys.

When it comes to earning another outing, an interesting pattern emerges in all demographic groups: Stopping short of intercourse may leave your partner wanting more.

The aforementioned ex-talk was also roundly panned as a terrible call.

Women in all age groups were more judgmental of dates who got wasted, though men weren't big fans either.

Even if you aren't aiming to get intimate immediately, some simply unacceptable actions will all but ensure you never see your date again.

Regardless of age or gender, our respondents were very uncomfortable with actions that usually implied more intimacy than a first date provided: getting a tattoo or crying.

Seven in 10 men said they had no regrets after first date sex, and that percentage was even higher among those with a positive impression of their partner after one night together.

Women were somewhat more ambivalent, with only the slim majority expressing no regret.

Touch can be a powerful driver of intimacy when both consensual and appreciated.

But it's hard to imagine a spontaneous first date foot rub will accomplish that happy outcome - though more than a third of men disagreed.

Other universal no-gos included making rude statements and spending too much time on the phone (hit "Do Not Disturb" mode at the table, folks).