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You can use Guided Access to temporarily lock down your i Phone to one app. This is the passcode you will use to get out of a Guided Access session. With your finger circle any areas on the screen you’d like to disable. You can supposedly use Touch ID to end the session as well, but this did not work consistently for me.

Guided access also disables the hardware buttons (the “Home” button) so your child can’t return to the Home screen. Guided Access is one of the Accessibility options on i Phones, i Pads and i Pod touch. * For example when ‘lil sis tires of Angry Birds she’ll give you back your i Phone and you’ll use this passcode to return to normal i Phone behavior. This would come in handy if you’d like to prevent your child from some of the functionality of an app. I also notice that once you use Guided Access for an app, the next time you use it, you may not be presented with the options. You can now use Guided Access to lock down your i Phone, i Pad or i Pod Touch as an occasional boredom buster without fear of little fingers wreaking havoc.

It can be used as a temporary parental control tool. You could use the same passcode you’ve used if you set restrictions, to keep things simple. For example you could disable just the menu options if you don’t want your child to navigate or save anything within an app. For example, if you let junior watch You Tube for 5 minutes, and then time is up so you open Angry Birds, you may not have the option to set a different time limit.

I wouldn’t recommend using it on your child’s own i Pod or device – if you’ve trusted them enough to give them the device you shouldn’t need to lock it down to this extent. Just make sure to choose a 4-digit number that you’ll remember and your child won’t guess. I found that the only way to do that, was to go back to Accessibility settings, turn Guided Access OFF, and then turn it on again.

But Guided Access can be handy for these one-off situations. If your device is Touch ID-enabled, you can also use your fingerprint to end Guided Access. Go back to the Guided Access screen and tap Time Limits. Kind of annoying if you ask me, I’d like to be able to set a different time limit each time without having to visit the main Settings.

[This post was originally published in 2013 after Guided Access was first introduced in i OS6 – these are updated instructions and screenshots.] Using Guided Access is a three-step process: Accessibility. Decide what sound to play when the Guided Access session is about to end (if you enable that feature, which I’ll explain below). Now that you’ve enabled Guided Access your device (and by the way this works on i Pad, and i Pod touch as well as i Phone) you can start guided access when needed.

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