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Emerging Responses to Children Exposed to Domestic Violence.

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He told the packed meeting that he was planning to lead his party into the next election and into Downing Street.

During his talk, Corbyn said: 'Don't believe in Michael Gove Victorian theory of education that only English, Maths and Science matter.

The UK Labour leader said it would be very complicated to separate things out because some companies operate across the whole of the country, and that a UK-wide agreement is needed.

He also said that the idea of separate economic and legal systems in different parts of the UK becomes 'difficult and very problematic'.

'I think that becomes difficult and very problematic.

I want a Labour government that is going to legislate better working conditions for everybody across the UK.'Mr Corbyn has been targeting marginal seats held by the SNP on his tour of Scotland. I am not a betting man but many in my family wish I was.'We went into the General Election being dismissed by what you might call the commentariat but we mounted a campaign which was transformational.' Mr Corbyn admitted he was not satisfied with the election result despite his party doing far better than expected.

Speaking at the Edinburgh Fringe Festival, he said separate Brexit deals for the various regions of the UK would be incredibly difficult 'if not impossible'.

Speaking in Scotland, Mr Corbyn was questioned on his party's Brexit policy after his Brexit spokesman Sir Keir Starmer admitted the UK could stay in the single market and customs union after leaving the EU.

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Children are differentially impacted by exposure to domestic violence based on a variety of factors Garmezy, N.