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These guitars had a few interesting characteristics like no channel rout and a blend knob instead of a tone knob. Plus, you get flathead screws all the way around, including the truss rod!

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Featured in “Beauty of the Bursts” it has a long history of various collectors. I immediately named it treasure because it’s one of my prized possessions in my collection.

Many years ago the pickup covers were removed exposing double-white PAF’s and the Bigsby bar was removed. I’ve played the song “Slow Train” on it more times than I can remember!

I finally was able to make a deal and get one of rarest custom colours in the whole Fender line.

“This guitar is mint and fantastic as an instrument; throw in the Sea Foam factor, and it makes it one of the most expensive ‘surf guitars’ out there.” “My friend Keith Nelson wants this guitar, and if I never gave it a second look he would own it.

It still has the original receipt and pictures of the original owner.

Best heard on my song, I Gave Up Everything for You, ‘Cept The Blues.” “I had pictures of this guitar on my wall as a kid.

It’s known as one of the greatest Les Paul’s in the world, but Joe still plays it almost every night. It’s just one of those great stories where he buys it new in ’63 and plays it for 45 years and wants me to keep playing music on it when he retired from playing. I really feel like a guitar should be played and should have a life and not just look good.

Before the Telecaster and Nocaster, there was the Broadcaster.

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The F5 was produced in Japan somewhere between 1980-1981.

Moved you to Acoustic Guitar forum for future reference.... Fans of the old F Series are a particular bunch though, so you will sometimes see them sold for more than 0.