The latest case involves nurse Anna Kim who uses cruel expletives to portray her elderly patients needing diapers as filthy and disgusting.

She also alleged doctors in her hospital in Sakhalin 'only help people they want to help.''If they don't want to help, you are doomed,' she said.'They don't give a ****.

This is the shocking moment a circus bear viciously attacks its handler on stage - then goes back to performing tricks after being hit with a stick.

Footage shows the animal being paraded in front of an audience of mainly children in sub-Arctic city Syktyvkar, capital of Russia's Komi Republic.

A nurse is under investigation in Russia after posting pictures mocking dying patients and revealing 'we tie them to beds'.

Her images highlight a disturbing trend of medical staff using social media to abuse the sick, vulnerable and elderly they are supposed to care for.

A fresh cut is seen on the patient after the implants were put in.

The picture was posted to the student's friends who 'liked' it.

They were also seen fooling around on a hospital staircase, explaining: 'It was all for a joke so that our profession doesn't look so sad.'We work in intensive careā€¦

we wanted to show that medical personnel haven't lost their sense of humour and that they can behave like humans,.'The two were given an official warning but allowed to continue their jobs.

The horrific scene, recorded by a member of the audience, raises questions about the use of wild animals as performing circus animals.