But I do not understand the dispersement of cat litter throughout the floor and up the stairs.Every morning I diligently clean the cat’s litter box and every day, there it is, all across the floors, on the chairs and glaring at me!

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Grilling, searing, roasting, and braising are typically the best cooking methods to choose from for achieving the best flavor from your beef.

When you are slicing a steak, be sure to cut against the grain.

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Life with a cat is never dull when he or she is not sleeping, which is 95% of the time.

By exploring more underrated beef cuts, you open yourself up to a new, affordable ways to enjoy red meat.

And once you master how to prepare these cuts, every week can be beef week.

The tri-tip is sliced and served with warm garlic bread, fresh salsa and pinquito beans.

( A recipe for this will follow) Purist would argue that the flavor of the meat comes from the wood chips, so no need to fuss with the barbecue sauce.

I used to buy it in bulk at Costco, but then started doing a little more price checking and sale watching and can find it at much better prices.