Well, the answer may actually be linked to what she's looking for in a man at that stage of her life.

(Wait, the female mind is even more complex and hard to understand than we thought?

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Peyronie’s disease Have you noticed a change in the aesthetics of your erect penis—perhaps it’s developed a noticeable curve or a lump or a bump?

That could be Peyronie’s disease, which affects 5 to 8 percent of the population.

(The identities of the penis reviewers have been changed for everyone’s benefit.) It’s a bit on the shorter side, but it’s thick and it gets the job done. told me that most dicks she’d seen fell within a general median range, with a few memorable outliers. Sex with him was like being probed by aliens, she said. I told her I didn’t want to contaminate her thinking. Not only do women have complicated algorithms for penis assessment. An 80-year-old shouldn’t have to worry about getting a firm-enough erection. The only unbreakable rule is never to have anything that looks (or God and baby Jesus forbid, smells) unruly.

There was the MMA fighter she’d dated who had a dick that was a monstrous, veiny thing. His overconfidence worked in sexual situations, she told me, but not in a long-term relationship. But I quickly came to realize just how nuanced and textured a woman’s feelings about a penis can be. Well, she said, you’re smaller than average, but you’ve got girth. They also apparently conjure up dick-related nicknames for all the dudes their friends date. At this point, her husband came home with their toddlers, and I heard her say to him, No, it’s Davy. He wants to know how big his dick is compared with the other guys I’ve slept with. So many times I thought, Oh my God, this is what I have to look forward to the rest of my life? I love a hairy dude, but there’s nothing worse than when you’re about to go down on a guy and you take off his pants and it looks like Gregg Allman is already down there.

I gave some thought (like: maybe too much) to how one might discover the answers to these essential mysteries. The important thing isn’t that you have a flesh baseball bat in your pants. "When I was 13, I Frenched Mary-Anne Friedman at a bar mitzvah. I think I also got a little on her bubble dress." _—Adam Pally, actor _ Reader, have no such excuse. So I was watching I had imagined that when you ejaculated, sperm came out of the pores of your penis. And I will never forget this: I was crying, and I said, Mom! you write, The penis is a barometer of a man’s health? I have patients in their eighties who are still leading great sex lives.

And I realized I know a number of penis reviewers—they’re called ex-girlfriends. She dated one guy whose cojones were so big they were basically a scientific curiosity. I would rather have a guy who’s good at that than a guy with a big dick. And what you do with your dick is much more important to us ladies than its size. Case in point: I once dated a guy with a Paul Bunyan cock—maybe eight inches—who was so lazily assured by his endowment that he simply hammered away like he was playing a game of Crocodile Panic. They had all the black lights on, and there was, like, a big-ol’-daddy cum stain. You can’t go around making fancy ginger-beer cocktails and rocking distressed-denim undershirts while being a guy who still refers to his dick as the Springboard. That the whole thing would just start oozing out fluid. My dad wasn’t home from work yet, and my mom was downstairs. My hands were out to my sides—I didn’t want to make it worse. SL: I often say that if there was a single question that would determine whether or not I’d give a man a million life-insurance policy, it would be: Does he regularly wake up with an erection? I had one guy recently who was 96 and wanted me to give him Viagra so he could have more sex than he was already having.In my life, she explained, I’ve probably seen a hundred dicks. Second, because it’s difficult enough to keep my own hair out of my face when I’m blowing you without getting yours stuck between my teeth. You know when you get a haircut and the barber brushes off your shoulders? "The first sign that I had an eleven-millimeter piece of rock trying to claw its way out of me was when a 64-year-old Republican urologist was jamming a scope into the end of my penis while casually chatting about how he thought Karl Rove’s book was pretty darn good. Spend ten or fifteen minutes practicing a couple of our tricks every morning, it’s bound to give you an extra inch or so over time. Also, fruits, vegetables, fiber, fish (omega-3’s are very important), vitamin B. Sex is really important, because you’re increasing blood flow to the penis. Have you learned anything helpful about how a man might change his penis? We always find it quite hilarious when you see all these penis pumps. We don’t like to say size matters, but let’s just say the more clay the sculptor has to work with, the more it can create.By now, you've probably heard about the study that measured the dick sizes of 15,000 men from all over the world.