This custom banjo is designed around the classic Vega Tubaphone No. The engraved mother of pearl inlays, found on the original model, were simplified and replaced with tightly figured Birdseye Maple for a simplified but elegant look.

The unique design of this banjo gives it a eye catching look and has an incredibly well rounded sound to match.

This banjo has the standard Seeders 12″ Walnut Style 1 specs.

The curly maple 12″ rim features a Whyte Laydie tone ring with ivoroid binding and antiqued raw brass hardware.

The tone from the 12″ Whyte Laydie is deep and precise.

I redesigned the classic lion head griffin giving it a more fierce and lion like head.

Using the original inlay patterns I created my own engravings giving it a traditional but more refined look.We swapped the Vega lettering in the peghead inlay to Tango, the town in West Virginia where they live and added in a silhouette of West Virginia in the lower part of the fingerboard.We kept all the original hardware as well as the resonator making it an excellent banjo for many different styles of playing.This slot head banjo features a brass and Walnut half spun over rim with a Walnut neck and Maple accent veneers.The rim features a deep brass clad exterior topped and Walnut internal rim with a Bubinga tone ring.The client also had the cool unique idea of using the date of the first cut I made on the wood for the banjo on the brass name plate.