While she aspired to a career in drama, little did she know of her iconic celebrity destiny.

The beautiful Purrincess peacefully went to sleep, and a few weeks before Christmas 2008, her beautiful spiritual journey began anew.

Purrhaps she’ll be reunited with her friend Dave up there in the heavens.

Perhaps the greatest fan of science fiction who ever called this planet home, the great writer, editor, literary agent & memorabilia collector Fory Ackerman has departed this world for another at the remarkable age of 92.

From clubs and conventions to magazines and monster movies, since the 1920’s his enthusiasm and influence on the genre has touched so many kindred spirits, and h Since the 1950’s, lucky tourists visited his famous residence known as The Ackermansion, which was also showcased the world’s most famous collection of thousands of important books, periodicals, memorabilia and movie costumes and purrops.

She was a most glamorous actress, an exotic dancer dancer, and a most sexy model, loved by countless lenses, including the those of a discerning Mr.

Hefner, who crowned her Playmate of the year in 1955.This continued until the end of that decade, until she chose another path, a spiritual quest rather than one of the flesh.The sixties and seventies would be trying times for her big heart.Eventually she learned of her reborn popularity, but she suffered in poverty for yet a decade more.Finally in the 90’s this pin-up highness would finally see royalties, and her life’s story chronicled on video and in purrint.Once upon a time there was a purretty southern belle named Bettie from Nashville, Tennessee where they make purretty mewsic too.