There are a variety of messages and one example is shown in Figure 4.

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Table II explains several others that can be helpful in ordinary use.

A previous page gave some tips for using Internet Explorer 6.

All major search engines come with a variety of advanced operators.

For example, a list of those for Google are at this link.

Send Blaster is the best software for sending newsletter that provides a complete set of features that allow you to easily manage every aspect of an email marketing campaign.

Creating their own graphic templates, list management, sending the newsletter and analyzing campaign statistics have never been easier to manage.

If you routinely visit several sites every time you go online, this can be a nice convenience.

Naturally, however, the more home pages, the slower the browser will open.

Most of the tips given for IE6 apply to IE7 as well but there are some new features in IE7 that require a different approach.