I told her i don’t drink much so only 1 peg for me. I downed three pegs which were of course large and started feeling dizzy. They took all my cash, watch, laptop and still wanted money. But since my net banking wasn’t activated i couldn’t transfer the money. As i entered the office, she was sitting in chair and reading magazine. I had brought liquor so the servant prepared the pegs and we started drinking.

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I have seen some instances where the price offered to a male to upgrade his account was FOUR HUNDRED PERCENT more than that offered to a female, for the same upgrade.

For legal reasons, I won't name names but if you are considering purchasing a paid account on a matrimony site, I suggest you investigate this for yourself.

With other sites such as Jeevansathi, there is no such segregation.

A Kannada speaker can show interest and communicate with a Tamil speaker. FREE SITES - Free to communicate with other members There are literally hundreds of free matrimony sites.

At the time of writing this, there have been 52 answers provided already.

Unfortunately, the majority of the answers have been provided by people promoting their own business and/or the sites they have linked to no longer exist.

The majority of which are dying a slow, undignified death.

For every site owner that decides to stop paying to host a defunct site, another 3 pop up.

If you are particular about marrying someone from a specific community, it is in your best interest to register with all three to see which one has the most potential matches.