Islam views dogs as impure, and the Islamic legal tradition has developed several injunctions that warn Muslims against contact with dogs.

Muslims view this to justify the abuse and neglect of these friendly animals.

Islam prohibits prostitution and allows marriage where Muslim men can rent a wife for a day (legal prostitution) and allows sex with captive concubines.

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Germany's foreign ministry says it will press Kuwait about a law that prevented its national airline from transporting an Israeli citizen on a flight originating in Frankfurt.

Deputy foreign minister Michael Roth said Germany's ambassador has been asked to raise the issue with Kuwaiti authorities.

two absolute monarchies (Saudi Arabia and Oman), and one federal monarchy (the United Arab Emirates, which is composed of six member states, each of which is an absolute monarchy with its own emir).

There have been discussions regarding the future membership of Jordan, Morocco, and Yemen.

When someone is cruel to animals, they are cruel to human beings.

In fact, Christianity is the best for the care of animals.

While Islam provides a story where Muhammad rescued a thirsty dog to equate that animals are “communities like you” this is a part of Islam’s reversalist agenda.

Islam like liberalism equates animals with humans to minimize human value while holding the top rank of human and animal abuse in the world.

Dozens of American-trained dogs were killed by a Kuwaiti-based company last week, according to multiple reports, though there are conflicting explanations for the deaths.

While several news agencies reported the story, they fail to also report that it becomes obvious by looking at the dog-killer that his mustache is trimmed and his beard elongated and stepping on the slaughtered dog the issue becomes clear this is a Muslim dog-hater.

Even a dog with cancer was made to work and in seven days it died. When hired by Eastern Securities as a veterinarian in July of 2013, Branko Przar had served as a K9 handler in the Bosnian Army.