This is because it means the Police don’t have enough evidence on their own to charge with you an offence and are seeking to gather more incriminating evidence or even a confession from an interview.

You should also refuse to sign for something which isn’t yours, or which could be incriminating.

You will then be placed in a cell until the police are ready to deal with you.

You can read about the guidelines that the CPS have to use when making their decision in the following document titled The Code For Crown Prosecutors.

If the CPS believe that their is insufficient evidence to mount a successful prosecution then they have the power to discontinue any existing prosecution and if you haven’t been charged yet then you would be informed that no further action is to be taken (NFA) on the matter.

Therefore you can see how by doing the police’s job for them by talking during an interview is not in your best interest as it can give both the Police and the CPS everything they require to proceed with a prosecution.

A No Comment interview is always in your best interest.The police cannot force you to speak or to give a statement, whatever they may say to you in the station.Refusing to speak cannot be used to convict you by itself.If your refusal to speak comes up in court, the best defense we think is to refuse to speak until your solicitor gets there, then get them to agree to your position. Keeping silent is still the best thing to do in police custody.When you are arrested, you will be taken to a police station.It’s yet to be seen how the police will use this change in the law, but we reckon the best policy if you want to get off is remain silent.