CHICAGO — A federal judge has tightened conditions for the supervised release of former House Speaker Dennis Hastert, including barring him from possessing pornography and limiting the contact he can have with minors.

The modified conditions were entered Tuesday into the court docket and lay out the new conditions for Hastert.

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Hastert told prosecutors he paid the former student about half of a $3.5 million off-the-books agreement to keep quiet about the abuse.

The former student, who prosecutors never identified, has sued Hastert, seeking payment for the remaining $1.8 million he says the former speaker still owes him.

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The modified conditions also specifically prohibit Hastert from using any sex-related telephone numbers or having any contact with anyone under 18, except in the presence of an adult who is aware of Hastert’s background.

The order states that Hastert is prohibited to possess or use a computer, camera or any device with access to any ‘online computer service’ without prior approval of his probation officer.

Hastert was also ordered provide his probation officer with copies of his telephone bills, credit card statements, and other financial information as requested.

Under the new conditions, Hastert also agreed to the installation of computer monitoring software on all computers to which he has access.“You shall submit at any time, with or without a warrant, to a search of your person and any property, house, residence, vehicle, papers, computer, other electronic communication or data storage devices or media, and effects, by any law enforcement or probation officer having reasonable suspicion,” the order states. House, eight of them as its highest-ranking member, before retiring in 2007.

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