The downside to being a redhead who online dates is that men are either attracted to red hair as a fetish or are terrified by the bad stereotypes that go along with it.

Some of these stereotypes are: quick-tempered, promiscuous, loud-mouthed and wild.

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Oh, and if you’re a redhead looking for someone whose hair is just as bright and fiery as yours, there’s now a site for that too. Redhead Dates is essentially exactly what it sounds like, a dating site where redheads are the main focus.

could be where you finally find someone who loves Mexican food as much as you.

In my experience, I wouldn’t say most men love redheads. Many men do write down that they prefer redheads as well as blondes and brunettes.

I think we are not as common as a blondes or brunettes, so men never really think about dating a redhead as much.

I’m sure the same applies to redheaded men on dating sites, too.

The bottom line is, I believe online dating is a more unique experience for redheaded women.I would still recommend online dating to redheaded women because you never know if your Prince Charming is out there.It can also be fun and it’s a great way to meet people, and feel more confident about who you are.Another positive is that men assume you’re really smart ().Look at it this way, red hair always gives you something to talk about and is definitely an ice breaker. On dating apps, it’s a good way to show off my personality.Most aspects of it are the same as someone with any other hair color, but it is slightly different.