I still haven't seen any of his videos, though one magazine had screen shots of "Idol Country".

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Drug problems continued to plague him, and a comeback attempt in 1998 failed when fans reacted negatively to the toll drug use had taken on Henson's once youthful good looks, though his body remained in remarkably good shape.

He eventually settled in Pennsylvania with a former army buddy (Dennis Sandman, a graduate of the Rhode Island School of Design) who was also his longtime lover.

Mike Hensen was very attractive, but was such a bad actor. Here’s a pic off Big Guns that is not in the movie.

I wish they released any never before seen footage from vintage porn they have. So obviously if I can't remember their names, they must not have made as much of an impression on me as Matt Gunther. Imagine my thrill in finding he was also performing on 42 street at the Show Palace.

Once I cum, the "big impression" is over and done with, wiped up with a paper towel and thrown out... I don't know who they are or what their "names" are and I don't care. This picture is from "The Other Side of Aspen" and it is without a doubt one of the hottest sex scenes I've ever seen.

The entire movie is filled with hot sex and cheesy 70s music.furniture.Henson's final scene with Maxon in "Two Handfuls" is considered one of the best in the history of the industry.In 1990 he appeared with Joey Stefano in "More of a Man: The Safe Sex Video," the first gay adult video to emphasize the use of condoms.Later reports were that Henson/Seymour's boyfriend had come home from work to find him dead in his bedroom, a Bible in his hand.Whichever scenario is true, Henson's was a tragic and senseless end for a beautiful and talented young man.After four years of sobriety, the former porn star died from a heroin overdose.