1st to Piotr Skarbek; 2nd she married to Kasper Slawinski - official in KONIN in 1782. Mary's Church in Brzesc KUJAWSKI, built new in the cathedral in Gniezno. 2nd to a granddaughter of Jakub Kiedrzynski - the great-granddaughter of Andrzej Kiedrzynski of WILCZKOW, b. Brief explanation - Michal Bajkowski the owner of Czepy, official in Kalisz, married in 1785, to Franciszka Kiedrzynska, daughter of Jakub Kiedrzynski official in Kalisz, and Brygida Bardzki, with the daughter Jzefa Bajkowska b. The recruits came from the Brzeziny, Gostyn, Leczyca, and Lowicz. We again confirm that Laurenty (Wawrzyniec) Uminski, born ca 1700, the landowner of Ruszki, Krotoszyn, Pocierzyn, Wysocie / WYSOCIN, also Antoni UMINSKI Teresa Rogalinski, and Andrzej Apolinara Niemojewski, maybe were a brothers. ca 1730-1792), the son of mentioned above Antoni Uminski b. ROZALIA Teresa Marianna Katarzyna Uminska (before 1729-d. Jadwiga studied at home, later in Paris at the Sorbonne, then was in the country in 1905-1906. after 1784, with children: Marianna, Rza, Maksymilian, Jan, Teresa, Katarzyna]; [ROZALIA Teresa Marianna Katarzyna Uminska (1729-after 1784), the daughter of Andrzej Uminski and Apolinara Niemojewski; she was widowed in 1784; b. In Laszczyn, 5 km north to RAWICZ, south-west to ROSZKOWO, in 1709, Tomasz Borucki m. Great-grandparents: Piotr Lubienski 1741-1794 and Anna Jzefa Korytowska 1740-1782.

Mentioned here Jzef Madalinski, official in Inowroclaw in 1770, and in Kowal in 1770; died in 1775; his aunt Skarbkowa / Skarbek, had a court case about Borzymowice and Laki Markowe in 1775 with the Parliament envoy; they took Swietoslawice in 1778. The bishop Bonawentura Madalinski [see below on his genealogy], the founder of the new instrument, was commissioned the organmaster of Torun, Mateusz Brandtner - it was completed at the end of 1691. before 1730, the founder of a chapel in Ruszki; he bought in 1746 named Wysocin Wiekszy and Wysocinek; the border bailiff in BRZESC KUJAWSKI, married to Teresa Besiekierski; d. Stanislaw Uminski 1760 - 1811, served at the Royal Court m. ca 1700, and Teresa Rogalinski; the owner of Czeluscin in the GOSTYN county, in 1778; married in 1767 in Biechowo, to Franciszka Ryszewska (b. after 1784), the daughter of Andrzej Uminski and Apolinara Niemojewski, of Bydgoszcz; Rozalia was the widow in 1784; Rozalia was born in Pieranie; m. In 1916-1919 studied at the School of Fine Arts in Warsaw. ca 1700, and Teresa Rogalinski, the owner of Czeluscin near Gostyn, in 1778, m. in Pieranie and married in 1743 to Michal Slubicki (ca 1710-before 1784), the Bydgoszcz official, with children: Apolinara Justyna Slubicka (b. Petronella Lubiatowska; witnesses: Wladyslaw Glinicki; Antoni Waliknowski / above WALKNOWSKI; Urszula Walknowska / Walikowska; Marjanna Slinicka [see Kiedrzynski]. Ewa Franciszka Agnieszka Rokossowska - see Wola Pszczolecka - who died 1800 (KAROLINA Gatkiewicz was daughter of Piotr Korytowski d. His son Maciej Konopnicki in 1791 was a member of the civil-military commission of the Kalisz Province, by the 3-May Constitution. Maciej Konopnicki (in the rank of colonel) fought in the Kosciuszko Uprising in 1794, under Jan Sieroszewski, head of the uprising in Kalisz.

Deka Company in Petersburg, Moscow and Zaporoze - Russian engines and airplanes. In 1808-1820 he taken from hands of Radziwill, Naliboki. Monika Piotrowska of the Chelm area, daughter of Mikolaj and Katarzyna nee Plonski, Piotrowska, with a few children. 1742], moved to the Great Poland and left son - inf.

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ca 1658, who was the brother of Kazimierz Dominik Oginski b. Maksymilian (Maksymilian Antoni Jan), son of Andrzej MIELZYNSKI and Bninska [Andrzej Walenty Mielzynski b. ca 1720], born 1737 / 1738, MP in 1773, had the right of succession to the property after a father [Adam Dadzbog Baranowski] of his great-grandmother Teresa Baranowska, that is Grocholno, Rospedek, Debogra, Lankowice, Malice, Gromadna, Spiry, Bak, Tupadl, Siernik, Szamocin Lastkowy, but His daughter Jzefa (Jzefa Nepomucena Rozalia Konstancja Franciszka), b. 1790 in Pawlowice to Augustyn Kozminski, but she died in 1792 in Wronki. 1776, 16 / 18 km east of Koszkowo and 27 / 30 km east of Kunowo. In 1820, he founded the "Kosynierzy Union" / SCYTHEMEN, then he became a member of the Patriotic Society, for which he was convicted by the Prussians in 1826 for six years in prison. 1800-1836, daughter of Ludwik Chlapowski 1768-1831 and Tekla Sokolnicka 1776-1848. AGNIESZKA CHODKOWSKA, with children (all born in Pogorzel): Antoni, b. 1718 and Otto - Trampczynska; great-grandson of Piotr Antoni Sokolnicki b. In 1836, Wawrzyniec KONOPNICKI with wife and Magdalena widow after death of Jzef Konopnicki, with sons Jaroslaw and Stanislaw, moved to MYSLNIOW / Mysliniew close to Ostrzeszow; in Myslniow was living half-siblings of Wawrzyniec Wawrzyniec's son Jan Jaroslaw Konopnicki b.

Next daughters: Helena, died in Rabin in 1774; Bodzanowo - village in the Radziejow county, near to Dobre; the royal village, which L. General Dembinski entrusted him with command of the 1st Cavalry Corps. Polish general, commander of the cavalry, one of the commanders in the Kosciuszko Insurrection of 1794; the Bar Confederation in 1768; he was born in Porw in the Sieradz prov. ca 1545 /1560 the General line) and ALEKSANDER [Jakub Karol Madalinski b. 1644, Catholic priest, in Kruszwica, Gniezno, Poznan and Wloclawek; royal secretary, abbot, bishop of Gniezno. Michal Madalinski of Niedzielsko, officer in Ostrzeszw, 1690/1700-1753 m. 1836, daughter of Ludwik Chlapowski and Tekla Sokolnicka [Ludwik Chlapowski 1768-1831 and Tekla Sokolnicka 1776-1848], The LYKOWSKI family was owned Przecznia / Przecznie in the Wygielzw parish [18 km south to Lask] that is in 1789 to Wincenty Lykowski, official in Chelmno; in 1831 PRZECZNIA owned by Antoni Porczynski b. Alojzy's daughter: Klementyna Karolina Tekla GATKIEWICZ Cezary Wawrzyniec Ignacy Gatkiewicz, marriage in 1851, Wygielzw [near to Wola Pszczolecka], with son Alojzy Wincenty Jzef Gatkiewicz b. Marianna Antonina Gatkiewicz born Sokolnicka, 1831 - 1909, was the daughter of Jzef Telesfor Melchior Sokolnicki [born on January 5, 1786, in Gogolewo, 8 km south-east to Krobia, and 16 km south-east to ROKOSOWO] and Jzefa Chlapowska, b. MARIANNA Tekla Tymieniecka (ca 1823 - after 1845), born in Belen in the Sieradz province, m. in Piekarskie Mlyny close to Dobra in 1830, lived in Bronw, married in 1862 in Kalisz, to Maria Wasilowska, poet, b.

Cryptography, ciphers, radio and telegraph in Sweden, Switzerland, Russia (Nobel, Damm, Hagelin and Schilling) in 19th century and at the beginning of the 20th century.

The Breguet Company and Edward Brown of Clerkenwell. History on the noble Constantinovich family in Russia in 19th century and at the beginning of the 20th century.

Petersburg, Russia; was a Polish composer and one of the first professional virtuoso pianists of the 19th century. ], close to Radziejow and Brzesc Kujawski / Brzesc Kujawski. Baszkw is situated ca 5 km west of Zduny, the Leszczynskis land, then in 1791 to Mielzynski. 1739 in Porowo / Porw / Borowo [or Borowa Wola south to Nowe Miasto by the Pilica River; or Potworow ? 1804 / 1805 in Borowo [Borow, in the Przybyszew parish. 1739 - owner of Karniszew (the Sokolniki parish north of Gniezno, includes: Bojanice, Bojanickie Huby, Borzatew / Wilhelmsau, Florentynowo, Karniszew / Karniszewo close to Klecko, Kobylica, Maczniki, Male Swiatniki, Mieleszyn north-east of Klecko, Przysieka, Sokolnickie Huby, Sokolniki), married to Barbara Gutowski, owner of Gola - 5 km west of Gostyn and close to the Sulkowskis estates, in 1745-1746 owner of Babin - 6 km north of Slupca and east of Wrzesnia; Chrostowo - 1754, d. In 1778-1788, in the political life he used the Sulkowskis' protection. 1775, 2nd to the granddaughter of Jakub Kiedrzynski. 1786; Ksawera Franciszka Uminska Antoni Mieroslawski; and his brothers: Pocierzyn and Krotoszyn belonged to Ruszki in the Koscielna Wies parish; ca 1750 Kazimierz Uminski and Teresa Uminska were the owners; then to Onufry Uminski, and his grandson - Wladyslaw Uminski (1865-1954). ca 1545 /1560 - this is the General Antoni Madalinski line. ca 1545 Jadwiga Kobierzycki had son Jan Madalinski b. After completing his studies, he was sent to Kruszwica. in 1694, to Marianna Rozalia Siemianowska, 2nd to Krystyna Rychłowska - Trzebicki (she was 3rd married to Jan Feliks Walewski), with: 3. KAROL was grandson of Stanislaw Brzostowski Konstancja Radziwill and / or Teofila Magdalena Radziwill Brzostowska d. Teofila Magdalena Radziwill = Teofila Magdalena Fersen / Brzostowska / born Radziwill in 1745, had daughter Karolina Wolodkowicz nee Brzostowska. ELEONORA Konopnicka (ca 1810-after 1838), daughter of Ignacy KONOPNICKI and Jzefa Walewska; born in Mysliniw, and married in 1838 in Myslniw. Karol Franciszek Salezy Walewski - owner of Pstrykonie / Pstrokonie, Krzeslow with Wola Pszczolecka, Kurow - Kiedrzynski; and Kurwka / KUROWEK 2 1/2 km north to KUROW, north-east to WYGIELZOW, 6 km north to KRZESLOW, 7 km west of ZELOW [compare WOLLOWICZ]; bought in 1818. LOBUDZICE - ca 3 km south-east to ZELOW [see Wollowicz]. Their father, Antoni, was opposed, because his own experience already in mid-1845; he was a conspirator; Antoni Skapski in January 1846, was elected commandant of the Uprising planned in south ex-Poland. in Krzynowloga Mala in 1826 to Zofia Orlowska (daughter of Waclaw Orlowski and Zofia), b. Prot was a Napolean officer, a member of the Polish Parliament, and inheritor of Wola Cygowska near Warsaw. 1830 [the son of Franciszek Roman born in 1788 or b. ca 1800] and Leontyna Orlowska born in 1843 [a marriage in POSTOLISKA in 1862; 4 km north- east of TLUSZCZ]. in 1825, in Slabogora was born Piotr Grzegorz Roman son of Franciszek and Magdalena Kobylenska / Kobylinska aged 24. 2nd in 1808, Jakub Roman, with daughter Maryanna, b. - and then defense attorney of the Crown Prosecutor's Office in Suwalki], and his brother spent 16 year as exile in Siberia. Alfred Jan Maksymilian Kowalski born in 1849 in Suwalki, painter, was oldest son of named Teofil Kowalski NOTARY in SUWALKI, and his 2nd wife Teofila Siewierska, daughter of a manager of an estate. Zydowo - maybe ZYDOW, 8 km south to KALISZ], Suliszewice and Koldow.

Marianna Agata Wolowska was daughter of Franciszek Wolowski, a landlord and a brewer, and his wife - above Leon Wladyslaw Loewenstein de Lenval was industrialist and philanthropist. NORTH TO MARIOWKA then to KIEDRZYNSKI]; Above Jzef Madalinski b. 1755, of Niedzielsko 4 km east of Wielun, died in Srem close to Koscian - see Sulkowski! colonel of the Crown troops of 1781, in Gniezno in 1788; beat the Prussians several times and went to Krakow, where he links with Kosciuszko. We can state that the only high ranking officer of the Polish army from the Madalinski family, who came from Bobrowniki, was Captain Jzef Kajetan Antoni Madalinski, born in 1784. Karol WALEWSKI died ca 1757, owner of Ptaszkowice, Lichawa, Grabia, m. Her husbands: Hermann Gustav Fersen, Russian General, son of Georg Johann von Fersen Anna Elisabeth von Derfelden; 2nd to Stanislaw Brzostowski 1733-1769 son of Jzef Brzostowski 1692-1745 Ludwika Maria Sadowska. Myslniw / Myslniew, in the Kobylagra parish; see Teresa Sielnicka. It did not result in any further action, but caused to be arrested on 23 February 1846, to prison in Lviv. Tadeusz was the grandson of Karol Maurycy LELEWEL, lawyer, captain of the Polish Army, 1768 he was a Polish citizen. Named Ulatowo-Slabogra, is sistuated 24 km north-east of Przasnysz, close to ROMANY-SEBORY [see the history of the Kiedrzynski - Rogaczewski and Konstantynowicz family: Leszno close to Przasnysz, 4 km south; and Radziejow-Wloclawek area - compare Kronenberg, Lanckoronski and BARTHEL]. Brother of named Maria Konopnicka was Jan Wasilowski - studied in Liege, killed in Krzywosad; an uncle brother of Jaroslaw Konopnicki that is Artakserkses Pagowski, was the friend of named Jan Wasilowski in Kalisz, died in 1863. Kowalski was the rich man, owned a home in Suwalki, and the estate of Debszczyzna close to Filipow - 16 km east to KOWALE OLECKIE, Nowa Debszczyzna - 8 km south-east to named FILIPOW at way to SUWALKI, 18 km north-east to RACZKI WIELKIE; in 1865, Teofil Kowalski moved home from SUWALKI to Kalisz as the notary. Zofia Walewska Radolinska, was daughter of Andrzej Radolinski and Marianna born Sarnowska. Zofia married Kazimierz Walewski, with children: Jzef Kazimierz Walewski and Marianna Radolinska born Walewska. Fabian Sokolowski official in Ciechanow, owner of Milejw, pledge to Andrzej Modlibowski, of Kalisz, named Milejow in 1705.The family history of the Konstantynowiczs in Tsarist Russia.Melik - Beglyarov or Melik-Beglarov, Demonets / Demonet or Demontet, Breguet, Brown, Wilde, Nikitin, Katenin, Gruzinski, Bagrationi, Drzewiecki, Orlov-Denisov, Martynov, Paszkowski, Kalinowski, Zarako Zarakowski, Malkiewicz, Horodecki, Zbieranowski, Szostak, Nobel, Masson, Hacker / Hakker, Kammer, Briling, Vologdin, Azbelev, Benckendorf or Benkendorf, Pushkin, Kropotkin, Chikin, Bakst, Trubecki / Trubiacki / Troubetzkoy / Troubetskoi, Beklemishev, Rosenberg, Wittgenstein, Dadian-Mingrelsky / Dadiani Mingrelskij, Radziwill, Piottuch-Kublicki, Soltan, Oginski, Japaridze, Rosen, Gernet, Rehbinder, Schilling, Nakachidze, von Zarnekau, Yurievsky, Duke of Oldenburg, Nikoladze, Maipariani or Maypariani, Saparov, Armand, Diseren, Duflon, Rey, Paat / Paats, Karamyan.in Pieranie and married in 1743 to Michal Slubicki (ca 1710-before 1784), the Bydgoszcz official, with children: Apolinara Justyna Slubicka (b.1743, in Sobiesiernie, the Pieranie parish - north-west-north to RADZIEJOW).Pieranie - 22 km north-west to RUSZKI and 26 km north-west to BADKOWO.