So avoid showing attitude and over-confidence to her.

Talk like you usually talk to anyone, but pay 100% attention.

Tell about yourself in brief and also listen to her.

When in college, I’d often see gorgeous girls dating goofy-looking guys. Much to my amazement, it’s just a combination of kindness, integrity and common sense. Recently, I saw a young man dragging his date inside a shopping mall by the hand in true caveman fashion. Eating the dead bug/bee costs you all your points plus a 20-point penalty. Girls like manly men which is why athletes are so popular. It’s good for your conditioning and your physique will be better. She touches your arm and giggles at things you say that aren’t particularly funny; d. She asks you questions about what you like or dislike or is just interested in everything you say. How can you tell if a girl doesn’t want to date you?

Many boys think that it’s cool to make your date wait so she will be more desperate while meeting.

This thinking is really rubbish, no one likes to wait especially if you are on first date.

It might not make you a superstar, but girls will be impressed enough to keep you in the ballgame. You’re question may be “how do I get her interested in me? This may not make any sense to you, but they like gentlemen. They like it when you go out of your way to make them part of your day. Tim Tebow, Curt Warner and Aaron Rodgers are gentleman off the field and fierce competitors on the football field.

So, decide either to be a gentleman and have girls like you, or choose to be a caveman and see the smarter and more mature men get your girl. Isaac Bruce is a hall-of-fame wide receiver, but a true gentleman.) 2.

Sadly, some girls are gold diggers and just want your money. He said, “not once did a girl ever suspect anything.” 13. One night he had something up his nose that was bothering him. He went to the dentist and had to have most of his teeth removed, due to a periodontal disease. If someone had told him earlier, his teeth could have been saved. Keep your teeth free of “plaque.” Consistent brushing and flossing will keep it away. Even toothpaste and mouthwash cannot adequately cover up these odors. (A high school teacher introduced me to this wretched odor which I’ll never forget.) f. (Joe Garagiola a former Major League catcher got mouth cancer which ended his career as a guest host on NBC’s Today Show.) Also having ½ a tongue will not help you get a girl. Keep these private: Tucking in your shirt, zipping your pants, adjusting your underwear, doing the Michael Jackson or adjusting your package like baseball players, is not gentlemanly.

(You probably won’t pay her back anyway.) Security is why ladies prefer guys with jobs, good grades are athletic and talented. Finally, he’d wait ‘til the wind had carried away any odor, before reentering the car. At a well-known restaurant, one of the owners made pizza out in the open, so everyone could see. Nobody (male or female) wants to see what’s in your mouth or get hit with spray from your saliva glands. Because he was my good friend, I told him the truth. (Advanced Hint: Peroxide on the toothbrush before putting on toothpaste, helps kill bacteria causing bad breath. Its rough surface stores bacteria and old stinky food.) b. Regular sugar leaves a bad aftertaste and contributes to bad breath the next morning.) Thought: Chewing gum with your mouth closed is less noisy and classier that chewing with your mouth open. Avoid foods that cause bad breath like onions and garlic especially before a date.

Dating is for knowing each other properly and enjoying. Just be yourself, never use tricks on your first date. Even if you get success to impress her with stupid tricks on first date then also all those tricks won’t work in long term.