Only vague garbage like “don’t look at porn” or “don’t treat women this way.” This being the reason that I consistently harp on the fact that if you are eliminating something it must be replaced by something else.

However, men tend to be best when someone gets down in the dirt with them and walks life with them.

There is an interesting chart from the rules revisited on the modifiable aspects of feminine beauty.

It is extremely perilous for Christian women to ignore the fact that the nature of men that God created is to be attracted almost solely to physical appearance.

If a woman wants to be married and she is not actively seeking to improve her chances through good sleep, nutrition, and exercise she is only sinking her own chances.

In other words, become the ideal spouse of your ideal spouse.

However, it never hurts to be more attractive than required as that opens up more possibilities.

Or have a preacher preach to them about their failings. These could be fruitful times that men could use to pair up with men who are farther along in the faith than them and who have walked through a similar journey in marriage.

The older men could give advice, mentor, and disciple these younger men.It’s no secret that men tend to congregate around attractive women vastly upper her chances of being asked out by the few attractive men in the Church.Sure, a woman may not be able to improve her facial genetics, but a nice toned body indicates to a man that she cares about her physical appearance and that it is attractive.However, the sad case is that no one really cares about the young men in the Church.They are allowed to drift along by their own feelings.Likewise, the same can be true of the women’s ministries.