Excluding your own operational and usage data from these recommendations and relying on gut feel, results in good parts being replaced too soon, and others failing before the recommended replacement schedule.Preventative Maintenance carries a lot of waste in the form of unnecessary maintenance interventions, nonessential part replacements and increased labour costs.Making website updates has nothing to do with vanity or tooting your own horn – not that there is anything wrong with that.

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A good website maintenance strategy will ensure you never lose a potential customer because you didn’t have the right information online.

The data revolution of the manufacturing industry, Industry 4.0, has enabled a multitude of data driven processes to thrive, creating today’s Smart Factory.

Website maintenance is about more than just your “news and events” page.

Let’s face it – when you run a business, you have news.

This then provides you with the advantage of having time on your side to proactively conduct the repair when it best fits within your operational schedule to minimise downtime and its knock on effects.

You can even build this optimisation into your Pd M strategy so that when faults are identified, the most appropriate action, work order or parts order, can be recommended through your existing asset management system.There is now the opportunity to move away from traditional maintenance methods and use the full extent of the data you have available.Combining Big Data instrumentation and Io T data with historical maintenance logs and engineering data, produces more comprehensive and more accurate predictions on when and where faults or failures are most likely to occur.A number of organisations, especially regulated organisations, use Statistical Process Control (SPC) to trigger Preventative Maintenance interventions.Although SPC is more advanced than Preventative Maintenance, since it monitors the behaviour of your assets, it is not as comprehensive as Pd M as it requires you to define your own upper and lower boundaries of acceptable operation for each asset.Make sure you have what they are looking for on your website.