Farrell tried to lie to Mc Clane that Farrell is not here, but fails when the neighbor tells that he's going out. When the five assassins realize that the bomb does n't go off, the French hitman Rand leaves to deal with Farrell.

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Mc Clane gets a call on the radio from his boss, Captain Jack Scalvino, to pick up Farrell and bring him to FBI Headquarters in Washington, D. His computer starts to malfunction and Farrell was about to press the delete button, which was the trigger of the pre-planted bomb that killed the other hackers.

But before he can do so, Mc Clane knocks on his door and he answers.

It was directed by Len Wiseman and written by Mark Bomback & David Marconi, with uncredited script contributions by Skip Woods and William Wisher Jr.. Several computer hackers, including Matt Farrell, have passed several computer algorithms to Mai Linh.

Then Mai's assassins plant bombs in their computers and several of them were killed when they deliberately cause malfunctions in their computers to allow them to press the delete buttons which trigger their bombs.

Rand, a skilled acrobat, jumps into the next building and goes down to the ground below.

After Mc Clane rams the gate, Rand jumps into the gate and tries to kill both him and Farrell.

Mc Clane rams off his car with another garbage container, sending Rand leaving flying to the wall of the building.

Mc Clane calls Camden police about the police shooting.

The two hitman fired at the door to destroy it open.

While they were reloading, Mc Clane grabs one of them through and pulls his face through the door, breaking his neck. As was looking for Mc Clane and Farrell, the hitman got shot in the leg by Mc Clane. As Mc Clane hits The Terminator action statue, causing it to hit the delete, unknowingly triggering the bomb.

After multiple shots fired by Rand, Mc Clane fires at Rand with his pistol.