The first love of her life was there too: her father, Robert Cohen, sitting erect in his wheelchair.

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June 2000 - 2006Ellen Barkin tied the knot with businessman Ronald Perelman in 2000 after about a year of dating, and they're hot tempers reportedly clashed throughout the marriage.

Perelman finally filed for divorce in 2006, and they sued each other a year later.

Most people in the sanctuary probably knew the story of Perelman's highflying marriage to Claudia and their equally high-profile divorce. She was the person who every night whispered in my ear that I could do it." Perelman had met Claudia in early 1984.

But until now few had heard how he had spent years trying to fund an experimental vaccine to treat her cancer. They were introduced by a mutual friend at what Perelman jokingly called his "cafeteria," the legendary restaurant Le Cirque. Perelman, then 40 years old, was on the verge of becoming a force on Wall Street.

Golding filed for divorce, alleging that he was having an affair with a florist.

She claimed ownership of the stake in Mac Andrews & Forbes, saying she had put up collateral for the loan that allowed Perelman to acquire an initial share in the company.

The grandson of a Lithuanian immigrant, he had been raised in a prosperous Philadelphia family.

After graduating from the University of Pennsylvania and its Wharton School, he went to work for his father, Raymond, a fiercely disciplined and unsentimental buyout artist. When he was 35, Ronald Perelman struck out on his own, borrowing money to buy a chain of jewelry stores.

The Cohen family, although not nearly as wealthy as Perelman, has built a major business fortune in three generations -- in 2008, Hudson sold its ubiquitous newsstand business for around 0 million.