Frustrated, but now even more determined, Kishan hatches a new plan, to break the friendship of the three men, by portraying Yogi as a traitor.

Raj and Vikram, initially embarrassed, now become suspicious that someone is helping their wives behind the scenes, to ruin their marriages.

Vikram, on the other hand, maintains a strict hand on his wife and treats her condescendingly most of the time.

When Raj and Vikram come face to face with King, they quickly backtrack on their story of being undercover police officers.

However, King (Kishan) is able to scare Raj and Vikram into being blindfolded and taken as his prisoners.

However, Kishan pretends he has no idea who they are, and chooses to play a double game, agreeing to act as their detective while unknown to them being the very person working for their wives that they are looking for.

Kishan now records Yogi talking to Sanjana in a park, hires a voice-over artist, and dubs the tape with Yogi now appearing (in the voice over) as if he is pouring out Raj and Vikram's secrets to Sanjana.

What their wives don't know is that their husbands cheat on them often with not one, but many women.

Yogi has already been caught by Maya after the latter hired her new friend Kishan (Akshay Kumar), a private detective, to check on Yogi.Now Yogi's status in the marriage is reduced to that of a butler at home.Yet Yogi still has aspirations for more hanky panky if the right opportunity comes along.However, Kishan rescues her and convinces her to work with him in a plan that will restore her marriage.The first step is for him to pretend to be Sanjana's new lover.Raj and Vikram are quick to reveal this information to Maya, as a result of which Yogi is caught red-handed by Maya, who goes ballistic at the site of Yogi in a hotel room with a girlfriend.